Tea & Coffee


The production of good quality of tea is easier said than done. It requires a great set of skills and patience. With our links with best tea producers all over the world, we guarantee you to provide the premium quality at comparable prices. We deal in all variety of tea leaves mainly Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea.


We would be providing you with finest,freshly roasted coffee beans collected from all the best producers globally. These beans are produced at a place with most favourable climate and soil for coffee production. Grown in perfect harmony with nature, it tastes clean, a pulpy punch, sweet with a smooth citrus finish.

Agricultural Products


Nearly half of the world's entire population relies on rice as a daily staple food and it isalso considered as one of the most important crops in the whole world. We have links with farmers who grow the best quality rice with the latest technologies and best skills. Sharbati, basmati, HMT and much more. We deal with all the varieties of rice.


We are graded among the notable wheat suppliers. In this range, Peregrine exims are offering wheat grain at acompetitive price. We have links with organisations with sound groundwork facility that enables them to boost the productivity and to maintain the nutrients of the grain


Potato is the most common vegetable in the world and an ingredient of almost every dish. So have the premium grade potatoes with Peregrine exims at the most reasonable rates.

Fruits & Vegetables


White sugar

Import sugar from the world’s largest producer of sugarcane and second largest producer of sugar. The best quality of sugar is available to you at competitive prices.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is a bi-product of sucrose sugar. Against the normal sugar or white sugar, it has got a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses. It is available in two forms either unrefined or partially refined. Partially refined is soft sugar and consists of sugar crystals with some residual molasses content. It may also be produced by the addition of the molasses to the refined white sugar.

Foods & Beverages


We deal in both varieties of meat, shock and halal. We supply different varieties of meat such as red meat (beef, lamb, goat, bison, etc.), poultry (chicken and turkey), pork, and seafood.

Frozen Food

We are among the best supplier of frozen foods. The initial food item is made from ingredients high in nutritive value. The food is dried and stored at proper places.

Canned Foods/Juices

Manufactured from the real fruits’ pulp, we provide you fresh n tasty juices for your family. These juices have high energy content and minimum fat content. 100% pure fruit juice with no added cane sugar, colourants or preservatives


Carpets/handmade statues

The world is full of diversities. And we promise to bring along with us the culture of each and every place. Here, we have handmade carpets and statues from various countries in the world that have gained expertise in art and craft.

Dairy Products


Produced by the cattle of the top quality breed, we provide the fresh milk and milk products, high in nutrient value and cheaper in prices.


This is going to be the perfect place for the ones who are crazy for cheese. We are featuring varieties of cheese from all over the world. These mouthwatering cheese of different flavours will not only satisfy your appetite but will also serve your taste buds. So go ahead, and order cheese for your favourite cuisine.


We will supply you all pure butter prepared from best quality milk. The butter is high in nutritional values and provides you with a great amount of energy. Creamier, healthier and tastier butter. What else does one needs?

Poultry Products


We will supply you eggs from the producers who are among the chief exporter of chicken eggs in the world. We hold amarket share ofeggs by providing the finest value eggs fresh from poultry farms.